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Join Us @ Security’s Biggest Game: ISC West

March 23, 2022  |  GeraldBecker

The Biggest Game in Football is in the rear-view mirror as the league heads into its offseason. From free agent moves, to draft day board-climbers, general managers do their due diligence to deliver results on the field. In the business world, championship-grade physical security demands the same due diligence, and part of that effort is joining us at ISC West – the security industry’s biggest event  – March 22-25, where cutting-edge perception and flow management technology will be on display.

The interesting thing about LiDAR is its ability to now go beyond 2D and introduce a 3D world. Our unique 3D visualization, for instance, accurately identifies moving objects with centimeter accuracy. At Quanergy, we’ve planted a flag in physical security for business intelligence. We will be running 3D LiDAR demos in the Quanergy booth (#32091), and are joining integration partners in their booths, as well.

  • Genetec – A VMS platform partner, where our integrations are doing some pretty cool things. Restricted Security Area Surveillance (RSA), for example, brings together different detection and tracking devices under a single visualization pane.  Moving targets are automatically tracked on geographical maps and intuitively displayed so that security personnel can assess and respond to threats in less time. The VMS provider will have two fully integrated Quanergy LiDAR sensors offering live demonstrations in booth #13062.
  • Surveill –This VMS provider is showcasing deep integrations with Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR sensors and its 3D fully containerized VMS platform. See it and believe it; stop by booth #29056 for a full demo.
  • Teledyne FLIR — Leveraging the QORTEX DTC™ 3D perception software, this camera integration is enabling object tracking for their thermal cameras centimeter accuracy for physical security use cases. A demo in booth #26061 highlights when a zone is breached, an event is triggered and how the PTZ camera begins tracking objects by receiving location data from our sensors to track the threat.

Casino venues throughout the world put a huge emphasis on protecting their assets and maximizing the guest experience for optimal revenue capture. It pays to track patrons from the front door, to the casino floor and throughout the venue. While operations and marketing gain a goldmine here, security can better serve to protect the bottom line.

For the gaming industry, orchestrating cameras with perception software offers a plethora of new ways to track guests. Security can instantly pan, tilt, track and zoom on floor space to catch cheaters and advantage players but, beyond these busts, there’s myriad insight into guest behavior.

Casinos can better understand where guests collect, how long guests dwell, and queue time, for instance. Marketing can make a better assessment on engagement opportunities and get players to spend more time and money. In short, 3D technology is revolutionizing surveillance and business intelligence (BI).

On Thursday, March 24th , we  will be sponsoring a live panel to discuss “The Evolution of Security in Gaming”  with security veterans from some of the biggest gaming companies in the world.  to unpack the evolution of security challenges and how emerging technology can enable proactive management in high traffic environments, and what to expect along the way.

ISC West comes as we’ve been experiencing explosive growth and momentum. We’re excited about 2022 as we educate and implement flow management technology. Remember, LiDAR doesn’t lie.

We hope to see you at the event. 

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