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EOS and Quanergy: Bringing LiDAR security to Australia and New Zealand

April 22, 2022  |  Gerald Becker

One of the largest electronics security distributors in Australia is now a Quanergy distributor, marking Quanergy’s first such distributor in the region as the company continues its growth trajectory.

EOS is an Australasia-wide leader in the design, supply, development and support of electronic security solution. The company strives to bring its customers high-quality products, exceptional service and innovative security solutions for all applications and industries. EOS has been distributing electronic security products for over 25 years, providing the industry with many globally trusted brands such as Hanwha, Techwin, Wisenet and Panasonic.

And now, Quanergy has joined that list. EOS has chosen to deliver our Security and Flow Management LiDAR Technology for Australia and New Zealand markets. This new partnership expands the availability of breakthrough LiDAR-based security systems across Australia and New Zealand.

EOS works with companies in sectors ranging from retail to transport, banking, government and city surveillance – comprising critical infrastructure operators, national borders, government facilities, airports, historical landmarks and more. Superior-quality security is vital for these entities and these customers need physical electronic security solutions that offer accurate detection, tracking and classification of intruders. They need the ability to precisely pinpoint the location of potential threats and optimize the necessary security resources. Superior accuracy and reduction of false alarms is also key.

Quanergy provides all of this and much more. EOS recognizes our valuable contribution and will distribute these Quanergy products:

The robust M8 family of LiDAR sensors offer high accuracy, fine resolution, long measurement range and a wide field of view to reliably solve the most difficult real-world challenges. Some of our LiDAR sensors also initiate actions based on real-time scenario analysis powered by QORTEX™ smart perception software.

QORTEX DTC™: QORTEX DTC (Detect, Track, Classify) is the 3D Computer Perception Software brains of Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform™. For security, smart space and smart city applications, QORTEX DTC enables reliable and real-time tracking of people and vehicles. It generates valuable data such as speed, direction, location and type of objects detected. Using its API, system integrators, application developers and end-users can build powerful analytics and business intelligence tools to monitor and automate critical processes like increasing efficiency in retail environments, reducing traffic accidents and protecting the sensitive environments.

Our solution also integrates with the best VMS providers in the business including Genetec, Mirasys, Milestone, Surveill and more.

Patrick Cha, managing director at EOS Australia, had this to say: “Quanergy’s LiDAR technology is the pinnacle technology for perimeter intrusion detection. Their platform is designed to increase efficiency in response to security breaches and drastically reduce costly false alarms.”

We’re thankful for Patrick’s kind words, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship that will increase security for Australia and New Zealand’s government and critical infrastructure facilities.

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