MQ-8™ LiDAR Sensor

3D Smart Perception sensors for flow management and security

MQ-8™ LiDAR Sensors

The MQ-8™ Series is the next generation of Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR sensors, specifically designed for Security and Flow Management applications. The MQ-8™ Series, integrated with Qortex DTC, provides leading classification accuracy, and high-volume people and vehicle tracking in the security, smart city, and smart spaces industries. The MQ-8™ Series LiDAR sensor features a smart beam structure of narrowly spaced, asymmetric beams that delivers up to 70 m continuous tracking range (140 m diameter), enabling up to 15,000 m2 coverage with a single sensor. The smart beams also provide a higher classification accuracy compared to traditional LiDAR systems. In addition, the beam pattern provides 360° scanning with flat mounting to maximize coverage and reduce installation time and costs.

Key Features

Detection Range: When paired with QORTEX DTC™, it detects, tracks and classifies up to 250 objects at 10% reflectivity up to a range of 600 m (140 m diameter) with 95% accuracy.

10X - 20X lower TCO: MQ-8™ expanded coverage requires much fewer sensors than cameras providing 5-10X lower cost/coverage area

Angular Resolution: 0.03-0.13° depending on the frame rate

Automated ID Handover™ : Continuous ID tracking across entire systems such as shopping malls, airports, etc.

Industry Leading Coverage Area: A single sensor can cover up to 15,000 m2 area, up to 100x broader coverage area than camera-based systems

Warranty: 2 Year

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What Customers say about Quanergy's MQ-8™

“Quanergy’s MQ-8™ and QORTEX DTC™ provide the most accurate, and longer range 3D LiDAR Flow Management solution in the market, and it’s ideal to protect critical infrastructures from unwanted intrusions. Its QORTEX Automated ID Handover™ capability is absolutely unique and provides a powerful solution to track intruders along the perimeter of mission-critical buildings. We have completed field testing of the MQ-8™ and the result are very impressive. This is a game-changer and when combined with “Automated ID Handover™” we know the customers will love it, said Mark O’Reilly, Head of Innovation from Quantum Labs. "