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Offering Safe Navigational and Collision Support

Quanergy provides industrial-grade sensors to help operate robots faster, smarter, more accurately. Quanergy’s 2D and 3D powered LiDAR solutions are designed to increase the throughput and reduce the cost of key processes in industries such as material handling, logistics, and port automation. They enable faster and more accurate navigation, and more effective collision avoidance/ADAS for automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR), and forklifts. The Quanergy M Series platform offers leading detection range, angular resolution and range accuracy, while allowing robots to operate under any lighting conditions. Its sensors also offer highly scalable edge perception software, Qortex Aware, to pinpoint objects and avoid collisions. Thanks to their unique design, Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors offer industry-leading reliability backed by a unique 2-year warranty.

What our Customers Say

Quanergy’s M1 LiDAR sensors are key to achieving our objective of democratizing the adoption of robots in the material handling space. The cost-effective, industrial-grade sensors enable our robots to navigate quickly while co-working with humans using seamless touch-and-go automation, helping our customers overcome labor shortages and create a safer, more efficient warehouse. Zachary Dydek, Chief Technology Officer at Vecna Robotics

With the data provided from Quanergy’s LiDAR system, our customer’s warehouse team has been able to have a more accurate visual display of the operations area. These added features allowed for a safer environment and cut down on costly repairs that the Nanjing Port Group was experiencing. Sheng Teng, general manager, Nanjing Jiuao

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Key Features

M Series

Accuracy: High measurement accuracy of 3cm for a true representation of the surroundings

Point Density: Create an incredibly dense 3D point cloud with up to 1.3M points per second with 3 returns

Angular Resolution: High point cloud resolution of 0.033º - 0.132º to capture small details and objects in the environment

Range: Up to 200m

Software compatibility: Linux or Windows software for easy evaluation/ deployment

360º FoV: Configurable 360º field of view

Works in all lighting: Works in all lighting conditions (No IR heat-signature required)

Resistant to natural debris : Resistance to dust, mist, rain and snow

IP67 or IP69K rating:

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