M8™ LiDAR Sensor

Industry Leading High Performance 360 degree LiDAR Sensor

M8 LiDAR Sensor

High-Performance LiDAR Sensor provides superior 3D perception using multiple eye-safe laser beams and time-of-flight (TOF) measurement technology. The robust M8™ LiDAR sensor family features a wide field of view, long measurement range, high accuracy, and fine resolution to reliably solve the most challenging real-world applications. In addition, the M8™ LiDAR sensor triggers actions based on real-time scenario analysis powered by QORTEX™, smart perception software.

M8-Core™ Data Sheet


100 m

M8-PoE+™ Data Sheet


150 m

Key Features

Operation: Day and night vision (No IR heat-signature requried)

Range: Up to 200M

Field of view (FOV): horizontal: 360º, vertical: 20º (+3º/-17º)

Angular resolution: 0.03-0.13º depending on frame rate

Warranty: 2 Year

Point Density: 3D point cloud with up to 1.3M points per second with 3 returns

Environmental Protection: IP69K

Electrical Power Support: Power Over Ethernet (PoE+)

Reliability: Over 60,000 Hours MTBF

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3D Point Cloud in Real Time

The M8’s unique angular resolution allows for complete coverage of objects sensed and for determining small features usually not picked up with other LiDAR sensors currently on the market. The M8 highlights lane markings, vehicles, and fine details in roadways and large structures.