Detect threats with pinpoint accuracy, reduces false alarms, guards fatigue, and significantly reduces staff and operating expenses

3D-Powered Physical Security Solutions

Quanergy's 3D LIDAR security solutions help critical infrastructure providers to detect threats with pinpoint accuracy, reduce false alarms and guard fatigue, therefore significantly reducing staff and operating expenses. Quanergy provides its partners and their customers with accurate detection, tracking, and classification of intruders and out-of-the-box integration with VMS and PTZ camera systems to precisely pinpoint the location of potential threats and optimize the necessary security resources. The rich object data generated by the QORTEX™ perception software can be used to automate critical security processes to protect sensitive environments including government and enterprise buildings, airports, critical infrastructure, national borders, historic landmarks, and more.

Quanergy Access Control platform provides the unmatched accuracy and reliability necessary to ward off potential tailgaters attempting to enter critical facilities such as lobby doors, data centers, controlled spaces in banks, public transportation, and public venues.

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Key Features

M Series

Low False Alarms: Object classification types: people, vehicle, type of vehicle.

Long Object Classification Range: 70 m object classification @ 95% accuracy (15,000 sqm coverage with a single sensor)

Wide Field of View: 360° horizontal field of view, with 0.03° horizontal angular resolution for small object detection

Native Integration with VMS & PTZ Cameras: Include support for Genetec & Milestone video management systems

Classification Accuracy: Highest classification accuracy, lowest TCO, Zero PII

600+ objects classification:

PoE interface:

False Alarm Reduction: 95% false alarms reduction

Movement threshold filter: Ability to create a mesh network of sensors/servers and continuously track an object as they move across the entire site, virtually for an unlimited range

Object Stitching: Object stitching to track objects behind occlusions such as walls, columns

Multitude of Integrations: Out-of-the-box integration with 40+ 3rd party applications (VMS, business analytics, PTZ cameras, etc.)

Zero PII:

NDAA compliant:

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