3D Computer Perception Software is the brain of Quanergy Flow Management Platform


QORTEX DTC™ (Detect, Track, Classify), the brains of Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform enables reliable and real-time tracking of people and vehicles for security, smart space, and smart city applications. QORTEX DTC™ generates rich data that includes location, direction, speed, and type of objects detected. Through its API, end-users, system integrators, and application developers can build powerful analytics and business intelligence tools to monitor and automate critical processes such as reducing traffic accidents, protecting the sensitive environments, and increasing efficiency in retail environments.

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QORTEX MXP™ is a verified plug-in to enable the interoperability of QORTEX DTC™ with Milestone XProtect®. This plug-in triggers Milestone events and alerts for perimeter security applications and also provides occupancy statistics for social distancing and smart spaces applications.


Key Features

No PII (Personally Identified Information) Risk

Operates in every lighting condition

Compatible with leading VMS (Video Management System) such as Genetec & Milestone

Embedded PTZ camera control

Accurate object classification drastically reduces false alarm rate

Real-Time People & Vehicle Tracking for security and analytics applications

Highly Scalable: Detect & classify hundreds of simultaneous objects

Long Range: when paired with M series sensors, it can classify hundreds of objects up to 70m

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Quanergy Servers

Quanergy has a variety of processing platforms to support a range of network architectures and deployment scenarios for Quanergy’s QORTEX DTC™ solution. These hardware appliance options support various use cases from centralized data centers to distributed edge processing models. All appliances ship with QORTEX DTC™ pre-installed software and have been tested and qualified for interoperability and performance with the QORTEX DTC™ Software.


QSPU™ (Quanergy Server Processing Unit) suited for large sensor deployments which can support central processing at a data ceter or server room.


QPU-L7 (Quanergy Processing Unit - L7) suited for deployments where edge processing is needed.