LiDAR Technology Innovation

In more than 30 industry verticals, Quanergy’s smart perception LiDAR solutions address the common needs in six applications for improved safety, efficiency, performance and reduced cost.


Quanergy‘s LiDAR-based perception solution with 3D powered Physical Security software is an ultimate choice when most sensitive environments and critical infrastructure are at the stake. Our solutions help to optimize and protect main operations using technology and data.

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From factory and warehouse automation, to robotics, to mining and agriculture, Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors provide a high level of safety, along with increased productivity, to meet customer demands and accelerate the time to market for products.

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Smart Spaces & Smart City

Quanergy’s 3D powered LiDAR Flow Management Platform enables cities and commercial building planners to bring efficiency and safety to their citizens and residents while keeping their privacy and optimizing the necessary security resources.

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Quanergy’s systems allow for quick and easy 3D mapping data collection in urban and rural environments, remote locations and complex structures, with exceptional centimeter-level accuracy. This technology provides a cost-effective high-quality solution.

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Quanergy at its core is a solution company that has helped customers around the world solve complex automation processes by integrating our high-resolution M-Series LiDAR sensors with Qortex™, our highly accurate perception software.

Enzo Signore, CEO and Board Member