M1™ LiDAR Sensors

Highest Accuracy for Mid-Long Range Industrial Measurement Applications

M1™ LiDAR Sensors

The M1™ 2D LiDAR sensor is designed specifically to increase accuracy, efficiency, and productivity by helping automate critical processes in industrial applications such as logistics in warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities as well as providing more accurate detection at loading zones of cargo containers onto trucks at busy port terminals. M1™ joins the company’s M-Series to expand its industrial product portfolio by offering twice the price-performance vs legacy industrial LiDAR sensors. With up to double the range and range accuracy and 75% more data, M1™ provides superior accuracy and object-detection at longer range compared to the legacy LiDAR sensors in the market today.

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Key Features

Angular Resolution: With an industry leading angular resolution of 0.033° and 360 degree coverage, M1™ offers up to 7.5x finer resolution than existing industrial sensors, enabling best in class measurement

Range: Detect objects up to 200m at 80% reflectivity, ideal for complex outdoor applications such as loading and unloading containers on and off ships

IP67: Environmental Protection rated up to IP67 against dust and water ingress

Point Cloud: Up to 75% more data per second providing a denser point cloud dataset delivering a higher resolution of an image or object.

Small Compact Design: Over 50% smaller in size & three times lighter than competing sensors, capable of mounting and installing on a wide variety of platforms requiring a small footprint: 103mm (D) x 110mm (H)

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What Customers say about Quanergy's M1™

"Quanergy’s new M1™ brings game-changing performance to the complex industrial automation markets where measurement accuracy is critical. M1™ provides industry-leading angular resolution, over three times better than legacy solutions, and superior range, measurements per second, weight and size which is ideal for port and logistics automation as well as process control inspection, said Jonas Ledergerber, Executive Director at Sentek."


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