Why Partner with Quanergy?

We help partners drive business growth by providing innovative solutions that improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs. Quanergy brings expertise in LIDAR and smart perception software to every partnership, enabling abroad range of high-performance solutions.

System Integrators (SI)
System integrators co-develop advanced 3D LiDAR-based solutions with Quanergy and bring the solution to life for the end customer.Our system integrators may purchase devices either from Quanergy or from a distributor. We collaborate throughout conversations with the end user in order to design the best and most complete solution for the application.
Quanergy is rapidly adding to its worldwide network of distributors, many of whom are now able to offer 3D LiDAR for the first time, which is opening up new opportunities and driving new revenue.
Technology Partners
Quanergy partners with major technology platform providers within key industries to collaboratively design comprehensive, fully integrated solutions that save customers time and money. With our technology partnerships, the end user purchases products directly from each entity in the partnership.
Our OEM partners purchase LIDAR from Quanergy in volumes of 100 or more sensors per year and integrate the sensors into their products. For example, Quanergy’s OEM partners include robotics manufacturers that leverage our high accuracy, 360-degree LiDAR for navigation and collision avoidancein their products.

A Partnership that Makes a Difference

At Quanergy, our partnership is critical to our mission of meeting the growing demands for LiDAR technology across a broad range of industries and applications around the world.   

LiDAR-renowned for its accuracy, reliability, and performance in virtually any environment- is rapidly becoming the preferred choice to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. 

From automating factories and warehouses to securing critical infrastructure to monitoring and optimizing traffic patterns, LiDAR has unmatched versatility to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity- and ultimately improve the quality of life for people around the world. 

Quanergy is delivering smart 3D LiDAR Sensor Solutions with computer perception software to customers around the world, and we’re excited to partner with organizations that share our vision for the future.  We’re committed to helping the market understand LiDAR and empowering customers to realize the benefits of LiDAR for their applications.

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