January 11, 2023

Quanergy Launches LiDAR-Based, Hyper-Accurate Mantrap Tailgating Solution

New LiDAR-Based Solution Provides the Granularity Necessary to Defeat the Ongoing Threat of Tailgating

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Jan. 11, 2023 – Quanergy Systems, Inc., (OTC: QNGY) a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions, announced today the release of a new LiDAR-based mantrap physical security solution to the market that is hyper-accurate and more difficult to defeat. The 3D solution offers the granularity necessary to defeat the tailgating problem that mantraps face.

A mantrap or vestibule typically consists of a small room with two doors – one connected to the unsecured area and the other connected to the secured area. Gaining access from either side requires using a credential or identification validation, which is usually swiped against an access control reader. There are typically cameras set up to detect people passing through. Using mantraps is an important way for organizations to secure critical infrastructure, such as datacenters, airports and government buildings.

However, tailgating is an ongoing problem. This is the term for when an unauthorized person gains access to a sensitive area by following someone who is authorized into a secured area—and it’s the main way criminals bypass most mantrap systems. All physical access systems, regardless of the underlying technology, are vulnerable to this problem. 

Using LiDAR, organizations can create more efficient mantraps that combat tactics for bypassing traditional camera-based systems. Quanergy’s mantrap solution, which consists of MQ-8 series LiDAR sensors and QORTEX DTC™ perception software, can detect tailgating through secure portals with far higher accuracy than proprietary optical imaging systems. The solution sees everything in 3D, unlike camera-based systems that only see in 2D. It offers the coverage, granularity and accuracy needed to provide a hyper-accurate people count – the most critical component of the entire system. It’s available both as a standalone offering and as a supplement to existing security solutions that organizations have invested in. 

Sonny Sekhon, senior product manager, Quanergy Systems, Inc., said: “Facilities like airports must have foolproof physical security systems, but most mantraps have historically lacked the visibility necessary to provide that level of safety. Using our solution, customers can implement mantraps that are hyper-accurate and hard to defeat using tailgating tactics. And it’s turnkey – especially if they are already using Qortex and LiDAR for other applications such as perimeter intrusion detection.”

For more information, visit www.quanergy.com.

About Quanergy Systems, Inc.

Quanergy’s (OTC: QNGY) mission is to create powerful, affordable smart LiDAR solutions for IoT and automotive applications to enhance people’s experiences and safety. Through Quanergy’s smart LiDAR solutions, businesses can now leverage real-time, advanced 3D insights to transform their operations in a variety of industries including industrial automation, physical security, smart cities, smart spaces and much more. Quanergy solutions are deployed by nearly 400 customers across the globe. For more information, please visit us at www.quanergy.com.

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