Mantrap Tailgating Solution

Quanergy’s Mantrap tailgating solution addresses a key problem of tailgating, which occurs when an unauthorized person gains access to a sensitive area by essentially tagging along with or following someone who is authorized. Tailgating is a significant and all-too-common issue that is sometimes done without the authorized person knowing; in other cases, the authorized person is in on it. And not only is it a huge physical security risk, it’s also a cybersecurity risk because an unauthorized person could then gain access to data centers and other protected networks.

Environments such as airports, data centers, and distribution centers, that require restricted/authorized access to secure areas can benefit significantly from Quanergy’s Mantrap solution.

Quanergy’s Mantrap solution, which consists of MQ-8 LiDAR sensors and QORTEX DTCTM perception software, can detect tailgating through secure portals with far higher accuracy than proprietary optical imaging systems. The solution sees everything in 3D, unlike camera-based systems that only see in 2D. It offers the coverage, granularity, and accuracy that’s needed to provide a hyper accurate people count which is the most critical component of the entire solution.

Key Benefits and Pitfalls

Key Benefits

98% Detection Accuracy QORTEX DTC™ accurately detects the number and direction of people, entering in and out of the common areas. This can be also used to detect tailgaters and increase the safety of environments. QORTEX DTC™ accuracy is significantly higher than a camera-based system.
Protected Privacy The LiDAR solution does not capture (PII) Personal identifiable information; therefore, it guarantees the anonymity of people and poses zero PII risk.
Reliability & Scalability Works in all lighting and atmospheric conditions which enables security systems to effectively operate 24/7.
Rich 3D, Real-Time Data Provides accurate centimeter-level information about the number of objects, spatial location, direction, and speed as well as the distance between people.

Pitfalls of Existing Mantrap Setups

Secondary Access gaining access from either side requires using some sort of a credential/identification validation,
System Bypass holding the door open will bypass access control security.
Tailgating an unauthorized person gains access to a sensitive area by essentially tagging along with or following someone who is authorized.
Unreliable visual sensors cameras or T-DAR systems for counting people are inaccurate, unreliable, very sensitive to lighting or environmental changes.

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